When An Experienced Trial Attorney Meets A Skilled Mediator

Family law requires not only understanding, but also ability. An experienced trial lawyer, Sheila Engum's record of success in Florida courtrooms speaks for itself. In addition, she is a Florida Supreme Court-certified mediator. As most family law cases in Florida start in mediation, she will be by your side during negotiations, and should the need for litigation arise, she will remain at your side during court proceedings.

Solutions For A Variety Of Family Law Problems

When an experienced trial attorney meets a skilled mediator, solutions become not possibilities, but realities. Armed with her experience and abilities, Ms. Engum found solutions to countless complex family law problems, and she can find a solution for you.

Turn to The Law Office of Sheila Engum if you need help with matters related to:

  • Divorce, including contested and uncontested
  • Child custody and child support
  • Adoption, including stepparent adoption
  • Modifications of court orders
  • Alimony, also known as spousal support
  • Contempt proceedings

Answers To All Of Your Family Law Questions

More than anything else, most clients want answers. They want answers to questions like:

  • How long will my divorce take?
  • How much will I get in child support?
  • What happens in mediation and what if it does not work?

Fortunately, Ms. Engum can answer many questions during your first meeting. If you have family law-related questions, you can get the answers you need by scheduling a consultation. Call 850-547-6080 or email the firm to arrange a time to meet.