Sheila Engum began her legal career in Florida 25 years ago. Over the years, she has guided clients through divorces, helped families grow via the adoption process, protected the rights of innocent people, fought to keep families in their homes and guaranteed the lifelong financial security of injured victims.

Because Ms. Engum has seen so many positive outcomes over the course of her career, The Law Office of Sheila Engum is not only a law firm, but also a place of hope. When you come to the firm for legal help, you get an experienced attorney, but you also get an ally — someone who is understanding and compassionate and who will fight for you. Ms. Engum wants you to leave her office knowing your future is in good hands.

Compassionate And Aggressive

Is it possible for a lawyer to be compassionate and aggressive? Absolutely. After more than two decades representing clients ranging from hopeful adoptive parents to those charged with serious crimes, Ms. Engum has had to learn to be all things to all people.

If you need a compassionate family law attorney who will take the time to understand your situation and help ensure the protection of your relationship with your child, she is that attorney. If you need an aggressive lawyer to fight for your innocence in criminal court, she is that attorney as well.

Put Sheila Engum's Experience To Work For You

If you would like to learn why the residents of North Florida turn to The Law Office of Sheila Engum for help, you can call 850-547-6080 or email the firm to schedule a consultation.